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Training Programmes.

Our Introduction to Trauma Resilience is now endorsed by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Following trauma a common reaction is to feel out of control of both your thoughts and your environment.  All of  the day’s exercises are aimed at enabling a swift return to normal functioning.

A typical training programme can include some or all of the following elements.

  • Explore pre existing skills – using a pre course exercise
  • Education and useful topic related vocabulary in 2 key areas:
    Physiological Stress Responses
    What is PTSD?
  • Interactive exploration of what a normal stress response feels like – Followed by the collective voice of common trauma experience
  • Identifying potential future danger zones and developing an advance response plan – using pre course exercise
  • Practical ‘Grounding’ exercises – learning a skill pre-trauma to aid conscious control of your own responses and thought patterns
  • Construction of ‘Defusing’ Networks – identifying your support network for a safe place to off load after an event
  • Practical skills to take control of intrusive memories and flashbacks
  • Relaxation aids – how to relax and reset the body’s alarm response

We are happy to work with you and to customise our presentation to meet your needs.