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An Introductory Course for Trauma Resilience Training



Our next workshop will be early in 2019.

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A self-development day providing each participant with enhanced knowledge and skills for future health and
wellbeing as well as providing core skills for working with clients affected by Trauma.

This  training is for therapists, health professionals and those involved in ‘First Response’ protocols to Critical Incidents and Traumatic events.

It is a one day introduction to the model of Trauma Resilience and its application.

It is interactive and provides each participant with enhanced knowledge and skills for their own future health and wellbeing as well as providing core skills for working with clients affected by Trauma.

The day is a balanced training programme delivering both academic knowledge and practical skills. A comprehensive booklet comprised of the day’s lecture notes supports all areas of the course. This includes an explanation of the practical exercises and details of the academic studies and research that has informed the development of Trauma Resilience Training.

A central component of the course is to enable positive adaptation in the event of a critical incident and aid a swift return to normal functioning levels. Evidence shows that advance training is a significant factor in building ‘Resilience’ to potentially devastating events.

During the day we will look at building psychological resilience through six key areas:

  1. Education – identifying normal physiological and psychological responses to trauma
  2. Strategic advice on ‘Defusing’ and customised, confidential help constructing support networks
  3. Practical psychological skills training
  4. Build upon existing skills formed through life’s ‘mini traumas’
  5. Active help constructing a blue print for future action under stress
  6. Individual personal ‘Risk’ assessment


Throughout the day there will be practical exercises and specific examples provided of how the Model came to be built.

Comments from previous participants:

“Martin had a fantastic way with the group and addressed all questions I asked.” 

“I am impressed with how much information there is.”

“Really appreciate the work that has obviously been dedicated to this training course.”


Cue Controlled Relaxation:

I have tried the relaxation technique every night in bed – I haven’t slept so well for years..”

“I have tried it several times already and it works!”



“I particularly enjoyed the psychological thinking about the effects of trauma on the individual.”

“Good real experiences.”

“A realisation that I can change my own experiences of memory.  I am in control.”

“Excellently written handouts.”

“Good to get ideas about how to protect myself from secondary trauma.”


The day begins at 9.30am and ends at 4.30pm



Early 2019



Please click on this link to view the venue details

The Express Holiday Inn, 124 King Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 0QU

Cost: £120 (inclusive of VAT)  We offer a 50%  reduction for students

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