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July 4th 2011

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A groundbreaking/new training technique has been pioneered and developed by two established UK therapists to prepare first responders, such as medical teams and journalists, for exposure to war, terrorism, areas of conflict and similar hostile situations.

The training program is to be launched on the 6th anniversary of the 7 July 2005 London bombings in which 52 people were killed by terrorists.  It aims to provide people with the skills necessary to deal with traumatic incidents and to subsequently return to normal life with more resilience and less post-traumatic stress disorder effects.

The founders of the program, called Trauma Resilience Training (TRT), are leading UK psychotherapist Martin Weaver and psychologist Felicity Biggart. They were inspired to develop the training technique following their work with the Trauma Resilience team in the 7th July Assistance Centre set up as a result of the London bombings.  Weaver and Biggart continue to provide support to survivors and bereaved families from 7/7.

Martin Weaver said, “Following the terrible events of July 7th 2005, we have spent the last six years developing this new technique to offer to people in order to help prevent post traumatic distress in the future.

Our training gives key personnel the ability to develop resilience in advance of an incident.  The focus is to help them to perform well under pressure and, most importantly, to have the information and skills to help them return swiftly to a normal and balanced life.”

Felicity Biggart added:

“Trauma Resilience Training promotes positive coping strategies for challenging circumstances.  It is a practical and psychological ‘tool kit’ to help people to manage their internal responses to the challenges of engaging in a very difficult, and sometimes dangerous, job.”

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